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Top 100 Edtech Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Edtech influencers to follow on twitter

Are you on Twitter looking for interesting news happening in the edtech space? You should definitely follow this list of edtech influencers on Twitter, who share their expertise and insights on education technology.

  1. Vicki Davis- @coolcatteacher
  2. Richard Byrne- @rmbyrne
  3. Jerry Blumengarten- @cybraryman1
  4. Adam Bellow- @adambellow
  5. Tom Whitby- @tomwhitby
  6. Larry Ferlazzo- @Larryferlazzo
  7. Lucy Gray- @elemenous
  8. Jeff Dunn- @Edudemic
  9. Eric Sheninger- @NMHS_Principal
  10. Angela Watson @Angela_Watson
  11. Shannon Miller @shannonmmiller
  12. Kevin Corbett @kevin_corbett
  13. Steven Anderson @web20classroom
  14. Shelly Sanchez @ShellTerrell
  15. Kyle Pace @kylepace
  16. Erin Klein @KleinErin
  17. Sue Gorman- @sjgorman
  18. Amy Mascott- @teachmama
  19. Angela Maiers- @angelamaiers
  20. Joyce Valenza- @joycevalenza
  21. Jeffrey Bradbury- @teachercast
  22. Monica Burns–@ClassTechTips
  23. Thomas Murray- @thomascmurray
  24. Mark Anderson- @ICTEvangelist
  25. Alex Corbitt- @Alex_Corbitt
  26. George Couros- @gcouros
  27. Audrey Watters- @audreywatters
  28. Kelly Walsh- @EmergingEdTech
  29. Patrick Larkin- @patrickmlarkin
  30. Alec Couros- @courosa
  31. Susan M. Bearden- @s_bearden
  32. Sharon LePage Plante- @iplante
  33. Kelly Tenkely- @ktenkely
  34. Mary Beth Hertz- @mbteach
  35. Will Richardson- @willrich45
  36. Matt Miller- @jmattmiller
  37. Kerry Gallagher- @KerryHawk02
  38. Jennifer Gonzalez- @cultofpedagogy
  39. Mary Jo Madda- @MJMadda
  40. Jonathan Wylie- @jonathanwylie
  41. Mark Barnes- @markbarnes19
  42. David Geurin- @DavidGeurin
  43. Ross Morrison McGili- @TeacherToolkit
  44. Beth Holland- @brholland
  45. Bryan L. Miller- @Edtechnerd
  46. Jeff Herb- @jeffherb
  47. Sam Patterson- @SamPatue
  48. Tom D’Amico- @TDOttawa
  49. Nick Provenzano- @nerdyteacher
  50. Lisa Nielsen- @InnovativeEdu
  51. Melissa McEntee- @EdTechlete
  52. Steve Dembo- @teach42
  53. Lyn Hilt- @lynhilt
  54. Joe Mazza- @Joe_Mazza
  55. Lisa Thumann- @lthumann
  56. Scott Newcomb- @SNewco
  57. Ira David Socol- @irasocol
  58. Sylvia Duckworth- @sylviaduckworth
  59. David Anderson- @elearning
  60. Alice Keeler- @alicekeeler
  61. Scott McLeod- @mcleod
  62. Kasey Bell- @ShakeUpLearning
  63. Eric Patnoudes- @NoApp4Pedagogy
  64. Ryan Lynch- @builtbyteachers
  65. Matt Miller- @jmattmiller
  66. Frank Catalano- @FrankCatalano
  67. Michelle Davis- @EWmdavis
  68. Rafranz Davis- @RafranzDavis
  69. William Jenkins- @EdTech_Stories
  70. Christopher Pappas- @cpappas
  71. John Palfrey- @jpalfrey
  72. Brian Aspinall- @mraspinall
  73. Graham Andre- @grahamandre
  74. Matt Harris, Ed.D.- @MattHarrisEdD
  75. Doug Peterson-@dougpete
  76. Mike Tholfsen- @mtholfsen
  77. Laura Dickinson- @eLearning_Laura
  78. Nick Brierley- @mythsysizer
  79. Jaime Casap-@jcasap
  80. Patrick Riccards- @Eduflack
  81. Justin Reich- @bjfr
  82. Craig Kemp- @mrkempnz
  83. David Lee EdTech- ‪@davidleeedtech
  84. Corey Aylen- @mr_aylen
  85. Steve Wheeler- @timbuckteeth
  86. Dr. Kecia Ray- @keciaray
  87. Andrew Miller- @betamiller
  88. Diana Dell, Ph.D- @dianadell
  89. Sean Junkins- @sjunkins
  90. Lisa Johnson- @TechChef4u
  91. Brad Waid- @Techbradwaid
  92. Steve Hargadon- @stevehargadon
  93. Jeff Utecht- @jutecht
  94. Richard Wells- @eduwells
  95. Ryan Lynch- @builtbyteachers
  96. Steve Woods- @TheSteveWoods
  97. Bob Harrison- @bobharrisonset
  98. Kathy Schrock- @kathyschrock
  99. David Warlick- @dwarlick
  100. David Andrade- @daveandcori
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