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The Where, What & How to Getting Your Edtech Product Reviewed

Questions to ask an edtech reviewer

Do you want to get the word out to more educators about your edtech product?

Then, it’s a great idea to get it reviewed by an educational reviewer, especially if they have a popular blog or network of followers.

But with potentially dozens of  reviewers and hundreds of sites, it can be hard to know where to start.

Finding your list

The best way to begin is to list out the online locations you follow for news on the edtech market. Then check if they review educational products. Another approach would be to look at influencers and their networks. Do they offer reviews or test edtech products? If so, it may be worth getting in touch with them to explore reviewing options.

Where are the goalposts?

While narrowing down your list, you’ll also need to decide exactly what you want to achieve with the reviewer. Are you looking for a detailed product review or just a mention of your product on their blog?

Different reviewers and influencers bring their personal touch to talking about edtech products online, and so it is important to decide early on what your expected end result is before talking to the reviewer.

Here are 7 useful questions to ask a reviewer before deciding to get your edtech product reviewed:

What will I need to send you for the review?

Find out what the reviewer needs to get the product reviewed. Sometimes a sample is enough, while some reviewers want complete access. Reviewers may also ask for marketing material or product photos which can be used with their review, while others will want to use their own pictures. You may need to run these by your internal legal team before publishing so it helps to know what to expect.

How long does it take for the product to be reviewed?

Ask when the review will get published and see if it fits with your marketing calendar. Or if you have a specific date in mind, discuss with the reviewer and ensure that there is sufficient time for your review to come out on schedule.

Do you charge a fee for the review?

Sponsored reviews are often done and openly mentioned in the review itself. Others will review the product only if they are impressed with it, but do not expect a fee. Some reviewers are happy to learn and try your product with an intent to review, but will expedite the publishing if you pay them a fee. So, ask if there is a fee involved to get your educational product reviewed.

Can I see a draft before the review gets published?

Viewing a draft before your goes live is useful, as you will have a chance to clear doubts if the reviewer misunderstands some functionality of your product.

Who will be testing the product?

A product that has been tested with students during the review holds a lot of value to other educators. So definitely ask whether the reviewer will test the product with students.

Do you promote the review on your social channels?

An edtech reviewer often has a large network of followers who are interested in learning about new products in the market.

When the review gets shared on the reviewers’ social channels, your product can potentially reach a lot more people. So definitely check if the review will be shared with their followers on their social channels, and how many times.

Can you include a giveaway?

A review featuring giveaways is always successful. And some reviewers use a giveaway to get more engagement and interaction with their readers. This works to the benefit of your brand too, so ask the reviewer if they would like to include one with their review and if they agree, let them know what you would be giving away.

According to a study done by Moz, online reviews impact 67.7% of respondents’ purchasing decisions. So don’t ignore this channel for getting more traffic to your website.



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