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The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2016

The Best Social Media Campaigns of 2016

With every year the influence of social media in our lives is increasing. 2016 saw many brands utilizing social media in new and inventive ways. Here are our picks from some of the best social media campaigns this year.

Worth Saying

In social media timing is everything. L’Oréal Paris launched this campaign in tandem with the Golden Globe Awards this January.

By tweaking their tagline to #WorthSaying, women were encouraged to talk about everything that is important to them, not just cosmetics. L’Oréal roped in actresses like Julianne Moore and Frieda Pinto to use their respective social media channels to add popularity to the campaign.


Home improvement retailer Lowes launched a series of 6 second videos using stop-motion animations giving helpful home enhancement tips. The videos were posted on Vine and managed to create 15 million impressions and thousands of mentions on social media.

Great Starts

Kellogg’s is the sponsor of the Great Britain Olympic team. They launched an 8-month campaign called Great Starts asking people to share their morning routines.

Olympic medal winners Sir Steve Redgrave, Rebecca Adlington, and Louis Smith starred in various videos showing famous Hollywood breakfast scenes.

Love at First Taste

Feel like falling in love while satisfying your taste buds? Food brand Knorr wanted exactly that with their campaign called Love at First Taste.

People were matched on the basis of their food profiles on the Knorr website. Knorr later set up those who had the same taste in food on blind dates where they sat together and shared a meal. The twist was that participants were really blindfolded and had to feed each other on the date.

Esurance Pass It On Sweepstakes

Esurance was the biggest gainer at this year’s Super Bowl. While many companies paid millions to show their ads during the Super Bowl, Esurance turned to Twitter. They created a sweepstake with a cash prize of 1 million dollars for a group of winners with the most tweets about Esurance.

The campaign helped generate more mentions for Esurance during the Super Bowls than any of the other brands.

Earth Hour

The World Wildlife Fund launched the Earth Hour campaign to create awareness about global warming. The campaign encouraged Facebook users to switch off their lights for 1 hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm, and share a candlelight selfie with the #CandleLiteSelfie hashtag.

Share Your Ears

To celebrate their 100,000th wish granted globally, Disney asked fans to upload images of them wearing Mickey Mouse ears using the #ShareYourEars hashtag. For every image posted, Disney donated $5 to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The campaign was so successful that Disney paid 2 million dollars. Double the original amount they promised.


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