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Teachers Tattle: How we learn about new Edtech products [ROUND-UP]

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We connected to 15 teachers in the US who are into edtech and asked them a simple question:


How do you prefer to learn about new educational products?


And you’re gonna love the answers! These educators gave us tremendous insight into what they are looking for and where they are looking!

If you are an edtech company, don’t miss this post as it is bound to get your wheels turning!


Teacher Suzy | tinkered.co | @teacher_suzy

teachersuzy“My favorite way of finding out about new EdTech is from teacher recommendations. I love to hear what colleagues or fellow teachers who I have met or follow online are talking and blogging about. I find organic shares on the likes of Twitter, Edmodo or EdShelf as great sources, where teachers are genuinely excited to share their finds.  If a teacher ‘out on the field ‘ has tried and tested it, and gave the thumbs up, then I am willing to give it a shot.  Other sources that I find useful are EdSurge (signing up to their weekly newsletter is a ‘must’ in my opinion) and Edutopia. These sites are great for giving in-depth knowledge of the EdTech companies and what the products promise to do and often times have great articles about the use of these products in real classrooms too.”


Jacqui Murray | Ask a Tech Teacher | @askatechteacher

Jacqui“The only way I want to hear about new educational products is applied to learning.

I want tools that teach a concept better, differentiate for student learning more, or improve classroom grit. I’m so past the ‘fun’ of word clouds and talking avatars. Give me something purpose-built that transforms my classroom from work to wonder.”


Vicki Davis | www.coolcatteacher.com | @coolcatteacher

vickidavis“I learn about new education products online, but I decide to buy them, typically, when other teachers tell me they love them. I have so little time that a word from a trusted colleague makes a big difference in my decision to invest time and energy into something new for my classroom. Of course, there are times I just like the idea and decide to play with it anyway!” 😉



Terry Heick | www.teachthought.com | @teachthought

terry“Blogs are my favorite source of information about the new products and ideas that emerge.

Select blogs, anyway.”




Monica Burns | ClassTechTips.com | @ClassTechTips

monica“I love learning about new educational products by following educators on Twitter.

You have the opportunity to see what teachers are excited about and how they are using educational products in their classroom.”



Dave Stuart Jr | DaveStuartJr.com | @davestuartjr

dave“Word of mouth. Nothing, to me, is more trustworthy than a teacher I respect who has used something new.

Without word of mouth, there’s just way too much slick marketing copy out there to be able to trust much of anything else!”



Kelly Tenkely | http://ilearntechnology.com | @ktenkely



“I love to learn about new educational tools from other educators who are using the tools to transform learning in meaningful ways for students!”




Nicholas Provenzano | www.thenerdyteacher.com | @thenerdyteacher

nicholas“I love to learn about new technology from my students. Seeing them excited to share the newest and coolest thing is amazing.

It allows me to consider what the students are using and how I might be able to use it to support learning in my classroom.”




Amy Biddison | http://www.teachinginbluejeans.com | @bluejeanteacher

amy“I typically learn about new products available to teachers through social media and blog posts.  I prefer to learn how to use a product through video. 

I like to see the product in use as I’m learning how to use it.”




Fern Smith | www.FernSmithsClassroomIdeas.com

Fern“I like seeing new resources during professional development and receiving printed literature that I can take back and give to the principal or PTA. We live in an online world, however, based on years of experience, the people in charge of school funds tend to buy what the teacher requests when they have something concrete in their hands.”



Heidi Morgan | @heidiamorgan

Heidi“I would prefer to learn about new educational products through free trials and webinars. When I get a free trial and can attend a webinar about the product, I feel that I can fully experience all that the product has to offer. The free trial allows me to use the product with students and see how to respond to the product. The webinar lets me see all of the features and have any of my questions about the product answered. After a free trial and a webinar experience, I feel that I can make an informed decision on purchasing an educational product.”


Jill & Cathy | www.thecurriculumcorner.com | @curriculumcornr

jill & Cathy“Cathy and I always prefer to learn about new educational products from teachers who have already used or implemented them into their daily planning or curriculum in some creative way.  Although we are more than willing to dig in and try things out too, it is always helpful to get perspective and advice from colleagues who have gone before us.”



Shannon McClintock Miller | vanmeterlibraryvoice.blogspot.in | @shannonmmiller

shannon“I learn about new educational products in a variety of ways.  On a daily basis, I learn through Twitter and Facebook, reading blogs, and face-to-face conversations with teachers who are using new products.  I always make it a goal to find at least one great new educational tool or product each week.  Throughout the month, I learn about new products by attending conferences and visiting school communities.  We can learn a lot from our colleagues through presentations and workshops, but also don’t forget to spend time on the vendor floor.  I always learn so much from the people who created the educational products and a lot of time this lead to wonderful partnerships that brought great things to my library and school community.”


Lisa Nielsen | InnovativeEducator.com | @innovativeedu

lisa“I am bombarded with companies emailing me about their latest educational products. I don’t look at any ‎of it. I learn about products in the following ways:

1) I search Graphite.org to get suggestions that fulfill a particular need‎.

2) I ask students what they are using and why they like or dislike the product.

3) I, or another teacher, has a need and we ask via our learning network in Facebook groups, Google Communities, and on Twitter.”


April Smith | www.performingineducation.com | @performinginedu

April“I love to learn about new educational products from recommendations on social media and blog posts because I love seeing pictures of it in action. When I’m shopping for something great for my classroom or to feature on my blog, I like to see a lot of buzz about it on social media. If it has a hashtag so I can easily see all posts about it from people, that’s even better!”





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