Tuning Forke

“We seek to strike a responsive chord in people,
not to get a message across.”
Tony Schwartz, The Responsive Chord

Media genius, Tony Schwartz once stated that when discussing electronically based communications, we should use auditory terms such as feedback, reverberation, overload, regeneration and tuning.

In a digital space, this is even more relevant than ever before.

Tuning Forke strives to evoke a response in the audience. To make them a part of our communication strategy by resonating with their inner ideas.

Sesh Sareday

Sesh has both the creative skills and the strategic know-how to turn ideas into award-winning solutions. Bringing over 18 years of experience in e-commerce solutions and digital product design, he is the driving force behind using new technologies to achieve greater digital success.

Sesh has a soft corner for new technologies, start-up ideas and anything to do with photography.

Vidya Varadarajan

Vidya is a web marketing and communications professional with over 14 years of experience in internet marketing and lead generation. She walks the fine line between strategy and creativity, and is constantly pushing her team into tapping new ways to solve old problems.

When not drawing you in with her contagious excitement about all things digital, she will show you pictures of her daughter.

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San Jose Office

41350 Christy Street,
California 94538,

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Bangalore Office

3289, II Floor,
12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage,
Bangalore - 560008,

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Must have good communication skills, above average knowledge of the digital space and the ability to use this understanding to be a part of the ideation process.

You will work on banners, marketing collateral, emailers, landing pages, posters and infographics.

A minimum of 1 year’s experience is a must. Free hand sketching skills and a fine arts degree is a plus.

The position is based in Bangalore.


Excellent writing skills apart, you must have a good understanding of the digital space and a flair for looking at things differently.

You will work on content ideas, social media marketing initiatives, online campaigns and ads, blog posts and articles, marketing collateral, scripts, web pages and infographics.

Experience between 1 and 2 years is mandatory.

The position is based in Bangalore.