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10 Things Your Edtech Ambassador Should Be Doing For You!


In edtech marketing, one of the most effective ways of reaching schools is through peer influencers. Influencers such as edtech bloggers, product reviewers, and active online educators can all bring tremendous visibility to your product.

But an edtech ambassador can help you even further by representing your product within the closed education communities where marketers dare not tread.

Here are some of the ways in which brand ambassadors can help you market your edtech product to schools:

  1. Extended Social Circles: Influential brand ambassadors have already worked hard to build their social following which is more extensive than your edtech start up. By agreeing to talk about your product online, your brand ambassador will be able to ensure your message reaches a far larger audience.
  2. Peer Recommendations: A good edtech brand ambassador will often be from the very target market you are attempting to reach or at least have some prior experience in the same roles. This enables the brand ambassador to approach your market as a knowledgeable peer which is likely to be better received.
  3. Personal Support: Many potential customers are often wary of asking questions about a product for fear of being spammed with marketing messages and sales calls. However, an edtech ambassador can pique curiosity and encourage more questions and two-way information, which can benefit others following the conversation on social media as well.
  4. Entry into Closed Groups: Many educators have private groups open to educators only. While marketing and sales people cannot enter these groups, a brand ambassador with an educator background can. Though they may not be able to actively talk about your product, they can talk about the educative problems your product helps overcome. This is turn can potentially provide you with insights into educator issues or contacts within schools who may need your product.
  5. Host your Events: Brand ambassadors can provide a familiar face to your online events. Rather than using your unknown marketing team, a known brand ambassador can help attract the right audience and make your events more successful.
  6. Take it Offline: Many edtech ambassadors are also active offline. They attend events and are sometimes called to give talks to closed groups. These extended offline activities can often be leveraged by an edtech company, and help take their product into offline discussions.
  7. Influencer Circles: A popular brand ambassador is likely to have several other influencers in their peer circles. By sharing your message to your ambassador’s inner circles, edtech messaging can reach other influencers who in turn could carry the communication even further.
  8. Content Creation: Brand ambassadors by virtue of their reputations are often excellent communicators who understand the market you are selling to. Their insight can help you refine product communication and edtech ambassadors (if asked) can often offer up some excellent content marketing ideas.
  9. Viral Potential: Good content in the hands of an influential edtech ambassador has a greater potential of going viral than publishing it yourself. Be sure to have your best content published on the brand ambassador’s blog, or channels first.
  10. Align your goals: Work towards getting your ambassador more publicity: either through PR events or by creating non-sales content especially for your ambassador to increase their own visibility. The ambassador-brand relationship is symbiotic, so by putting some of your marketing efforts into growing their visibility, you can further their loyalty to your brand which in turn will help your product grow.


Tuning Forke specializes in internet marketing for edtech. If you are looking for support in marketing your education product online, click here for more information.


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